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A checklist of important points to consider in selecting a skilled nursing facility:

• Are they certified to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs?

• Do they have a State license or letter of approval from a licensing agency?

• If the resident requires specialized services are they provided? (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy...)

• Is the general atmosphere warm, pleasant and cheerful?

• Do the residents look well cared for and content?

• Are the staff members cheerful, courteous and enthusiastic?

• Are the residents up and dressed every morning?

• Are the residents allowed to decorate their rooms,
pick out their own clothes and keep a few prized possessions on hand?

• Is there a place for private visits?

• Do the residents, visitors and volunteers speak favorably about the facility?

• Are there copies of the residents rights, recent Dept. of Health State Survey, Hotline numbers and ombudsman,
posted in accessible areas for everyone to see?

General Conditions
• Do they admit and provide services without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin or source of payment?

• Is the facility clean and orderly?

• Is the facility reasonably free of unpleasant odors?

• Is the facility well lighted?

• Are the rooms well ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature?

Safety Considerations
• Are there smoke detectors, a sprinkler system and emergency lighting in every room?

• Are there portable fire extinguishers?

• Are the exits clearly marked and illuminated?

• Is there a maintenance staff available to provide immediate service?

Medical Services
• Is dental care available for residents?

• In case of medical emergencies is a physician available at all times, either on staff or on call?

• Is emergency transportation readily available?

• Does a qualified pharmacist maintain and monitor a record of each residents drug therapy?

Living Quarters
• Does each room open onto a hallway?

• Does each room have a window to the outside?

• Does each resident have a reading light, comfortable chair and a closet and drawers for personal items?

• Is there a curtain or screen around each bed for privacy?

• Do the bathing and toilet facilities have adequate privacy?

• Is there a resident lounge where they can relax, play games, read and watch TV?

• Does the facility have an outdoor area for the residents where they can get fresh air and sunshine?

• Are there beauty and barber facilities?

Financial Matters
• Are the costs, including extra charges, comparable with other facilities?

• Are prepaid unused days refunded?

• Are visiting hours convenient?

• Have you read the contract completely?

Nursing Services
• Is there at least one registered nurse on duty at all times?

• Is an RN on duty during the day, seven days a week?

• Are there emergency call buttons at each residents bed?

• Are trained geriatric technicians and certified nurses aides caring for the residents?

Nutritional Services
• Is the kitchen clean?

• Ask to see the meal schedule. Are at least three meals served each day?

• Are nutritious snacks available?

• Are guest trays available?

• Are the residents given enough food?

• Is the food appetizing?

• Does the meal served match the menu?

• Are the residents and family asked about special diet likes and needs?
• Is the dining room attractive and comfortable?

• Do residents who need assistance eating receive it?

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A checklist of important points to consider in selecting a skilled nursing facility:


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