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What Are Some Of The Alternatives?

Home Health Care: covers a broad range of services that are brought to a person in their home, including: part-time skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy speech therapy and nutritional counseling.

Home Health Aide Services: are provided under the supervision of a professional therapist who assesses the residents needs and plans the service to be provided including assistance with bathing, dressing and meals.
Home Delivered Meals: provide nutritious meals delivered to the persons home, if they are unable to prepare their own meals.

Congregate (Group) Dining: is where a nutritious noon meal is served to older persons at sites like senior centers and schools.

Adult Day Health Care: means an organized day program of therapeutic, social and health related activities.

Telephone Reassurance Programs: provide a daily contact for persons who live alone and are anxious about their safety or security, or have chronic health problems.

Hospice: is a service by a facility or home that provides supportive care for terminally ill residents approved by their family physician.

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What Are Some Of The Alternatives?
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