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What About Rehabilitation And Other Specialized Services?

At James Square, we provide the assessment and therapy programs that help a resident enjoy a more functional life by living it more independently and/or with less pain. A quality skilled nursing facility provides full onsite rehabilitation therapies and special services. Our scope of services include, but is not limited to:
• Physical Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Pulmonary Program

Do I Need "Nursing Home" Care?
What is Post Surgery Rehabilitation?
How do I assess my aging parent's health and safety?
What Are Some Of The Alternatives?
How Will I Pay For Skilled Nursing Facility Care?
How Does A Skilled Nursing Facility Differ From A Hospital?
What About Rehabilitation And Other Specialized Services?
Is Family Support Available?
What Other Services Should We Look For In A Skilled Nursing Facility?
Preparing For The Residents Admission.
Where To Turn For Information And General Services
A checklist of important points to consider in selecting a skilled nursing facility:


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