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Is Family Support Available?

Making the decision to have a loved one live in a skilled nursing facility can be difficult to cope with for many people. Many needlessly experience guilt and fear. Our social services staff works with the entire family to offer guidance and counseling during what can be an emotionally trying time.

Once families get to feel comfortable with a quality skilled nursing facility, they discover that the old image of skilled nursing facilities no longer applies. Then they come to realize that they have made the right decision to have their loved one cared for in a setting that best suits their needs.

Do I Need "Nursing Home" Care?
What is Post Surgery Rehabilitation?
How do I assess my aging parent's health and safety?
What Are Some Of The Alternatives?
How Will I Pay For Skilled Nursing Facility Care?
How Does A Skilled Nursing Facility Differ From A Hospital?
What About Rehabilitation And Other Specialized Services?
Is Family Support Available?
What Other Services Should We Look For In A Skilled Nursing Facility?
Preparing For The Residents Admission.
Where To Turn For Information And General Services
A checklist of important points to consider in selecting a skilled nursing facility:


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